Instrumental Performance Development

  • Classically trained Choral Conducting
  • Classically trained in Piano
  • Classically trained in Guitar
  • Participation in master classes with the top leading classical, rock, and jazz guitarists in the world such as Andy McKee, John Williams, David Russell, Xue Fei Yang, Pepe Romero, Al di Meola and many more.

Live Industry Experience

From a young age I have been founding and joining musical groups of various genres, from pop to rock to classical. The most significant of which was the function band ‘Red Effect’, which was formed in 2009.

Red Effect is one of Ireland’s leading wedding bands, under the management of Showcase Cork. My responsibilities within this band include the following:

  • Setting up and taking down live gear apparatus before and after performances.
  • Transporting band members and gear to various venues
  • Performing live on lead vocals, lead guitar, and lead keyboards.
  • Controlling MIDI operations live on stage via laptops, keyboards, amp racks and MIDI floor pedals.
  • Continuous skills enhancement for applicable instruments listed above.
  • Sound design for applicable instruments listed above.
  • Encouraging enthusiasm, charisma and crowd interaction on stage.
  • Producing music for promotional purposes.
  • Planning rehearsal structures
  • Searching for and training in a suitable replacement due to my departure.

Throughout the years working with this band, I have learned the important values of subjects such as:
Crowd management, professional mannerisms, maintaining high levels of energy and enthusiasm, carefully planned set-up and take-down strategies (in regards to equipment), live mixing, ensemble work, constant awareness of sound, efficient use of equipment and technology, and of course advanced musicianship.

Session Musician Experience

I have been employed as a session guitar player for various musical productions, where it was my responsibility to design sounds for the instruments, and perform with other members in the orchestra pit at a professional level to the satisfaction of the conductors and directors. These productions include the following:

Macroom Productions –                           ‘Grease’

Granary Theater Company –                   ‘Spring Awakening’

Bare Cheek Theater Company –             ‘Spring Awakening’

Cork School of Music –                            varied session musician work

Colm O’Regan –                                      ‘Cooking up a Carol’

Wexford Theater Company –                   ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Chicago’, and many more

Se Vaughan Green Productions –            ‘The Greene Card’


Subject: Classical Guitar Performance            Award: 1st Place Feis Matthew Award

Subject: Classical Guitar Performance            Award: multiple VEC Scholarships

Subject: Classical Guitar Performance            Award: Barbara Harris Scholarship

Subject: Wedding Entertainment                     Award: Southern Bride Gold Suppliers