About Me

Masters Degree


My masters studies have given me the opportunities to work with top-quality producers, composers and music technologists. Currently, I have explored in great depth the core elements of Composition, Production, Sound Synthesis, Audio-computer Programming, DSP, Digital Interface Design, Non-Linear Recording Techniques, and have also enjoyed the development and production of genres such as pop, dance, rock, ballad and funk.



Bachelors Degree

I have also earned a BMus in classical music from the CIT Cork School of Music (Ireland). Having both a BMus and MMus in opposite ends of the music spectrum gives me a strong advantage in diversity.

Throughout my career I have been an enthusiastic and dedicated member of multiple projects that extend across a wide range of music, and so can offer an informed and well-rounded perspective on most music. I have worked with some of Ireland's top musicians, providing my services as a songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, vocalist, sound engineer, guitarist, keyboardist and general can-do attitude.

Personal Profile


A recent music technology postgraduate with a 2:1 honours degree from the London College of Music (University of West London), pursuing a new career path in the areas of technical and IT. I have worked in multiple areas of event production, music, and teaching, which has provided me with a diverse range of skills. I am a diligent and passionate worker, possessing a very pro-active and charismatic personality.